India, Indonesia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

And We’re Off Again!


So, we’re off on another adventure. Three winter months abroad, spending the time on the continent of Asia again. We’re nearly a month into this trip already. We have been to Dubai, India, and are currently in Thailand.

It feels like chapters are missing since my last blog, nearly 11 months ago. I haven’t been able to sit to write because, well I’m not sure exactly but, I think because it feels overwhelming to start. But, here I am….a reminder to myself that just like everything I enjoy or want to do…I just need to sit and start. What might not feel easy or comfortable at first slowly becomes familiar and even enjoyable. Seconds turn into minutes and the flow is happening. There’s a feeling that comes when I take time to write and process, maybe I could describe it as pleasant, content, open, relaxed, almost serene like. I think it’s one of the best ways for me to digest my experiences and emotions and it’s definitely a practice of mindfulness.

I’m sure that happens to all of us. You really want to do something but somehow the transition to actually do it feels overwhelming or insurmountable or just too much. I don’t have time, not good at it, don’t feel like, it doesn’t really matter….there are various excuses the mind comes up with. Once you start though, oh that familiar feeling, the easeful peaceful feeling or is it the “peaceful easy feeling”. Wink, wink, is this what the Eagles were talking about?

While working on these blogs posts, sometimes I like to take in the local sounds, it may be loud noises overloading the senses or sometimes it’s natural soft sounds of nature gently teasing my sense of hearing. Sometimes, like today, I put my earbuds in and listen to a yoga mix I made. A familiar sound to relax the mind and bring a smile to my face. And to drown out the sound of the washing machines and the kids music playing overhead, currently it’s The Farmer in the Dell song. Thinking of you Mom!

So maybe I will go back to those missing chapters and write what the past year has been like. I’ll call it the second year without heels. How I settled back into life, a different experience from my work prior to travel and a different experience from the year of travel. But, to get started I need to ease into writing again. So this short blog is just priming the pump, I hope! 

We spent 3 nights in Dubai, reportedly the 4th most visited city in the world. Most of the population of Dubai is not from Dubai. People move there from all over to work and live there. Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 163 floors, almost 830 meters tall. And the world’s largest choreographed fountain show, Dubai Fountain, is right there. That was incredible. The water and lights move and dance so beautifully to music. It’s really pretty amazing and stunning to see.

We spend almost 3 weeks in India – Bombay (Mumbai) and Vapi (about 2 hours north).  There’s lots to process and share from those incredible experiences. More to come.