Exploration and Lessons Learned

What a weird feeling…it’s Thursday morning and I’m still not headed to work.   We have been busy packing, preparing, and visiting with friends and family before we go.  But, there is a different feeling I have noticed – even though it’s less then a week of not working…..I feel like I have a significant amount of mental energy and attention that can be directed else where.  I am still thinking of my co-workers and work related things but with a noticeable distance that is not something I have ever felt.  There is space and a calmer pace to the day.  I am so fortunate to have this opportunity.  I changed my current job title on LinkedIn to “Explorer”.  As I shared with my co-workers at my Farewell Gathering…. I generally approach things in life with curiosity. Seeing things from a perspective of curiosity, rather than questioning why me, why now, why this I try to see things as an adventure and ask instead, what can I learn through this experience and process.  So this is am amazing opportunity for me to explore – the inner self and the outer world.

Speaking of my Farewell Gathering….I can’t even express how much all of the notes and words mean to me.  I told someone that I felt like I had the best of both worlds…usually someone doesn’t get to hear so much positive feedback and kind words – it happens at funerals or maybe a retirement party.  I didn’t have to die or retire and I was able to take in some of the kindest words and comments that will always stay with me.  I loved my work in hospice and learned so much about myself and others through that experience and from my co-workers.  I shared a few take aways and stories from my experience with hospice which I will shorten and share a couple here…

  • I learned about the true power of the present moment
  • I am constantly reminded to ask what really matters
  • I have learned about Love, kindness, and compassion
  • I have learned the value of good communication… which is mostly listening
  • I learned about humanity/humility and allowing others to help me
  • I learned about the value of friendship, family, connection, and support from others
  • I learned about vulnerability
  • I learned about the true value of team
  • When someone cuts me off or has some kind of road rage or slightly rude at the grocery store…..I came to see that as they may be on their way to hospice house or the ER or maybe a family member just died
  • I learned don’t wait for retirement!
  • How healthy and healing laughter is…..and more laughter
  • I learned how to know when it’s the last breath…..or not
  • I have picked out music for my “celebration of life”
  • I know where I wanted my cremated remains to go
  • I learned to embrace change…change…changes

Now off for more exploration.  How to pack for a year!  Maybe that will be my next post?