Elevation in Ecuador

Elevation in Ecuador

Getting high in Ecuador!

Less than an hour from Loja, taxi to get there and 50 cent bus ride to return, we hiked up to 11,154 feet and along a mountain ridge at Podocarps National Park.  It was a beautiful 5 hour hike and a bit challenging.  We were in the sun, the rain, and the clouds!


We took an hour bus ride (only $1.25) to Vilcabamba, The Valley of Longevity, to explore the small town and surrounding trails. And, well, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for spiritual elevation!

Back in Quito we traveled a couple hours each way by car to visit Cotopaxi National Park, with an active snow capped volcano.  It’s right up there on the list of the highest active volcanos in the world.  We took the switchback trail and hiked up to The Refugio at 15,960 ft. We were feeling some dizzying effects of the elevation.  Enjoyed a snack and took the straight down trail.  Making our way down through loose ash, sand, gravel mixture that filled our sneakers by the time we made it down.


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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Your adventures just go on & on. We love it so we know that you guys must be lovin’ it all the more. Hope we get to see you when you get back, whenever that might be.
    Be Safe. All the best,
    Vince & Jackie B

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