South Africa

A longtime dream comes true!

A longtime dream comes true!

Sunset from Lion’s Head…..

I have had thoughts of visiting a country in Africa since the early 90’s. For various reasons it just never seemed like a real possibility…..until we started planning this year long journey. Would I really make it to Africa?

Have you ever had a dream to do something, see something, go somewhere, experience something, meet someone? And did that dream ever come to fruition?  What did you feel in that moment?  Were you happy, sad, were you disappointed, was it more then you ever expected?

Well….my dream to visit a country in Africa came true! We visited only one country, South Africa, but were able to spend a month there. I could tell you all kinds of things about South Africa, and I will, but first I just need to pause, exhale, and smile. With tears in my eyes and joy in my heart I sit here to pause and reflect.  So much of this year has been a beyond words, I have been writing and sharing my perspective on what I see, think, feel, and am experience.  But this little piece is somehow deeper for me.  I can’t quite put to words how or why yet.  A small dream, or longing, or desire to be on the african continent – even I didn’t realize how powerful it was.  But it happened, my feet were solidly there and I feel it in me more than words can describe.  This is why the tears flow and I can’t help but smile.

Now, more about South Africa.  It has a history that’s hard to take in. A very sad story of intense oppression through apartheid, but also a very inspirational story of the people’s fight against it and how the human need for independence and equality continues to be felt. People like Nelson Mandela rouse feels of immense humility, gratefulness, wonder, and inspiration. If you have not yet read his autobiography, A Long Road to Freedom, get it as soon as you can and take it in. Wow.  Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years as political prisoner because he was trying to get rid of apartheid.  In 1994, he became the first president of a democratic South Africa.  Gandhi spent 21 years in South Africa.  And of course this is also where Archbishop Desmond Tutu is from.  Next on my reading list! We visited the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.  It is probably one of the best museums I have ever been to.

A big part of what I love about travel is how much I learn and hopefully I can thread it all into my changing perspectives, views, thoughts. I am learning by reading, seeing, watching, asking, hearing, feeling, and experiencing. The more I learn through these various avenues, the more I learn how tunneled my view can be and how little I really know.

District 6 Museum

We had Uber drivers with names like; Wright, Gift, and Trust. Some of these drivers and well as others we met over the course of our time in South Africa shared little snippets of wisdom. Encouraging us to think about how we can, as an individual, contribute to the greater society. Trust isn’t always easy but we need it. There are gifts in every moment, just depends on how you choose to see and experience things. Lead with your heart as much as possible and do the “wright” thing.

from District 6 Museum

I think I will pause here for now because I need a bit of transition time to write another post and share more of our adventures and explorations in Cape Town.  For now I just need to sit with this feeling.

12 thoughts on “A longtime dream comes true!

  1. I completely understand your dream. You always had an interest in elephants. The ones with the big ears. I never knew until visiting Africa that their ears are the shape of the continent. When I found out about the bucket list (thanks to Morgan Freeman) I put a safari on my list. I was thinking the Serengeti but coming to visit you and David made a dream come true for me also and of course not seeing you two for nine months added to the enjoyment. You two made the trip so exciting and I love that we learned something new every day. I wish you peace as you continue to travel and spread your love and compassion to everyone you meet. Proud to be your mother.💞. And mother in law. 😁

    1. It was so special to have you both join us for a couple weeks.
      And yes, every day was fun and full of learning for me too!
      Love you.

  2. We are also feeling blessed that we were able to share some of this experience with you and David in South Africa. If not for you two we would never have taken a trip like this on our own. Our adventures and explorations in and around Cape Town were truly outstanding and having the opportunity to experience a different culture will not be forgotten. Love you—Press On

    1. We loved every minute with you two!
      Thank you for being brave and making the long journey, for your time and generosity, and most of all your love.

  3. Thanks for sharing your love, views, thoughts and experiences of your travels. Your expertise in expressing your inner-most feelings is overwhelming ! Well written, Lori…
    Love ya!
    Paula and Uncle Jock

    1. Thanks for reading!
      What a blessing to have have my parents join us for a couple weeks there.
      Lots of love to you both.

  4. Another great milestone in your fantastic adventure. Thanks so much for continuing to share. Vince & Jackie

  5. What a beautiful blog…thank you for sharing about a dream & longing being fulfilled…such a blessing, eh?
    My two fascinations since childhood have been Nova Scotia, which we visited a few years back, and Peru. You inspire me to plan a Peru trip. ☀️

    1. Great! Can’t wait to catch up.
      We are headed to Ecuador next and might visit Colombia or Peru….?? or might stay in Ecuador the whole time.

  6. Blessings to you both as you take it all in. I find it amazing to think that as you breathe in, you are sharing the air of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Gandhi and so many others– the unknown, the suffering, the triumphant, the grateful… May I breathe with you. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us.

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