A Month Without Heels

It’s been almost 5 weeks since we have been away and living in India – so a month without heels.  I thought I should check in with myself on that.  I imagined it would be harder for me to adjust to not working but to my surprise…nope!  It probably helps that we are miles and miles away, in a completely different country and culture, and have done some volunteering with Ganga Prem Hospice (which I shared in another post).  The volunteering, although similar to work, is of course also very different.  It has been lovely to meet others and work together with people from many different countries, in addition to India, to support a passion of mine –  compassionate quality end of life care.

Not working allows this incredible opportunity for self care.  And to experience my “word/wish” from Erica…rest.  It’s so relaxing to wake up when we want with no alarm clock.  What a gift to really be able to move through the day with no set plan.  The majority of our days we have no set plans.  This is good because in India I find you can’t have much of a plan since something will happen to change it anyway.  Electricity goes daily at some unexpected time and everything just takes longer so it’s better not to plan too much and go with the flow.   We just smile, laugh at ourselves that we thought we had a plan, and carry on.

As part of this opportunity for really good self care I have been experiencing a great night’s sleep.  We have been sleeping 2-3 hours more then we used to at home.  Not sure if our bodies are just taking all they can right how to “catch up” or if this is the new normal.  I am trying to notice and pay attention to all the ways to get good restful sleep and am continuing to perfect this practice.  Lots of walking, not much stress, no alarm clocks, eating dinner early so not sleeping on a full stomach, and no alcohol.  Can’t remember if I shared that Rishikesh, where we currently are in northern India, is considered a holy city and so it is vegetarian only and no alcohol….yes, the whole city.  What a way to create an environment for spiritual growth.  Also in regards to self care, I think my feet are loving it.  I have only 3 pairs of shoes with me.  And of course none of them involve heels!  I have discovered socks for flip flop sandals  –called thumb socks.  Love them!