Āj = today

In Hindi the word for yesterday is kal and the word for tomorrow is kal. The word for the day before yesterday is parason and the word for the day after tomorrow is parason. There is no distinct word to differentiate between the past and the future.

This is a great lesson and metaphor for me coming off of an extremely planned schedule and work calendar. At home, I’m always practicing being in the present moment but it’s a challenge because at work and in day to day life culturally we seem to always be thinking about what already happened and what do I need to do next. What’s my first meeting in the morning? What do I need to prepare for? What do I need to follow up from previous meetings or projects?

In Hindi the word for today is āj (sounds like aaj). We were asking someone what they had planned for the day and they said, we don’t plan, I am just working. I have been thinking about this; it’s just today, it’s just now. It’s not that everyone is actively practicing mindfulness and being in the present moment here, it’s just part of the culture and it’s also practical because for many people here that’s all there is – āj, today.


I am grateful to have opportunities and “things” that often require planning and worrying about yesterdays and tomorrows but with that also seems to come more separateness or disconnect with today, now, and the present moment.

So here I am…āj (today) not kal (yesterday/tomorrow), just āj.